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The word ‘radioactive’ is always a buzzword, but recently – since the tragedy in Japan – it’s kind of exploded a little bit. People having been buying up iodide and other radiation-treatmentals like they’re going out of style. However, we have a suggestion for you that has benefits that go beyond treatment for radiation… Ever heard of Bentonite?

Earlier this spring, VE Irons Company put out their VE Irons Newsletter – Spring 2011, and touched on a very hot topic.

With concerns for nuclear radiation on the rise, people are getting panicky. But, what they don’t realize, is that they are probably radiating themselves every day with items they actually own. Sound crazy? Here’s what VE Irons Company had to say…

Due to the catastrophe in Japan and their nuclear crisis, we have gone to our archives and located the Newsletter printed in 1979 right after the “Three Mile Island” nuclear plant accident. The following information is just as viable today as it was in 1979. We might only be getting “watered-down” radiation from Japan here in the States, but what about the daily amounts of radiation we get from television, computers, microwaves, and cell phones?

We would like to express our deepest sympathy and prayers to the people of Japan.

Reprinted Newsletter from 1979:

Since the accident at the “Three Mile Island” nuclear plant, in Pennsylvania, we have been receiving calls and letters requesting information as to whether or not Bentonite would aid in reducing absorption of radio-active materials from the intestinal tract.

The answer is – YES. I have checked my personal knowledge with one of our leading clay mineralogists at M.I.T., and he has confirmed my statement that the ionic exchange mechanism of Bentonite will aid in reducing absorption of ALL positively charged particles.

Fall-out, very probably, is taking place all over the country, at least to the degree that we should be concerned. It is our belief that all health-minded people should seriously reconsider their health status and make every reasonable effort to become more selective in terms of food and drink. We should, certainly, try to maintain the highest degree of good health possible.

The following suggestions should be of help in re-directing your personal health care:

CLEANSING THE BODY: the seven day cleanse should be a must at least four times a year. Continue to use the Intestinal Cleanser mix twice a day to maintain regular elimination. Follow the instruction for the full cleanse and the follow-up dietary recommendations.

NATURAL FOODS: be selective – search for good, uncontaminated, natural food supplies; strive for 80% raw vegetables and fruits; supplement with natural concentrates such as GreenLife. It has been stated that grass eating animals are less receptive to such toxic elements than the carnivore varieties. Maintain a high level of minerals to try to eliminate storage points within the body. Calcium is especially important, as bones are particularly vulnerable. Consider Calphonite as the supplement of choice for the following reason: Calphonite is a unique, patented blend of calcium, phosphorus, manganese and magnesium in a very special base of “phosphate” montmorillonite (Bentonite).

What is “phosphated” montmorillonite? Bentonite particles resemble playing cards – the two large flat surfaces are negatively charged – the edges are positively charged. When the patented process is used, the edges (positive) become “phosphated” (negative), thus producing a COMPLETELY negative charge to the bentonite particle. This “phosphating” reaction produces an entirely new form of bentonite. The adsorptive power of “phosphated” bentonite is, therefore, considerably increased. So, when you consider the supplementation of the minerals in Calphonite, plus the adsorptive power of “phosphated” bentonite, you have a unique formulation for the required objectives.

In addition to the desire to help reduce storage points in the body for toxic materials, we must consider the many important functions relating to calcium in the entire body. In fact, there are relatively few, if any, bodily functions that are not directly influenced by calcium metabolism.

What makes Calphonite the calcium of choice? It has been scientifically designed to meet basic metabolic requirements as follow:

  1. CALPHONITE is the LIQUID calcium and phosphorus supplement intended for use as a source of calcium and phosphorus.
  2. CALPHONITE is an immediately available source of calcium and phosphorus in partial solution. A 160mg dose (suggested daily ration) of Calphonite supplies as much immediately available calcium derived from dicalcium phosphate dehydrate similarly processed.
  3. CALPHONITE is a well buffered acid suspension. pH approximately 4.6.
  4. CALPHONITE – The immediately available calcium and phosphorus in Calphonite can be absorbed without requiring or materially affecting the acid content of the stomach.
  5. CALPHONITE – Radio-isotope studies on rats indicate that the rate of uptake and the volume of absorption is considerably increased over that of dicalcium phosphate hydrate.
  6. CALPHONITE contains a new form of adsorbant. The new term for this material is PHOSPHATED montmorillonite.
  7. CALPHONITE does not produce the usual amount of constipation noted with calcium supplementation.
  8. CALPHONITE contains a high ratio of phosphorus in solution. Increased phosphate administration is believed to be effective in the prevention and control of dental caries in animal studies. (Dr. R.S. Harris and Abraham E. Nisel, Jr. of Dental Research, St. Louis. Vol. 38, No. 6 – pages 1142-1147. Nov. – Dec. 1959).
  9. CALPHONITE presents a marked change in crystalline structure of the solid phase. Calcium crystals are deeply fissured and reduced in size – thus increasing the rate and extent of solubility of the solid phase.
  10. CALPHONITE is a unique, scientifically formulated, time tested, effective means of supplementing calcium and phosphorus.

SUGGESTED RECOMMENDATION: One to two teaspoonfuls of CALPHONITE with, or directly after, each meal – three times a day. In addition, take two or three tablespoonfuls of “purified” bentonite (liquid), preferable between meals. Remember – you must not allow the elimination to “bog down.” Use enemas or colonics if necessary. Locate a supply of good water and drink freely. Exercise as much as possible.

Also try our Detoxificant as a vegetable and fruit wash: keep a wide mouth gallon jar (Mix 1 tablespoon of Detoxificant with one gallon of water) close to where food is prepared and wash all fruit and vegetables whether or not raised organically. Soft fruits, lettuce, etc. – just submerse, shake and bag and chill; potatoes, carrots, etc., soak approximately 5 minutes (DDT disintegrates instantly in contact with Bentonite).

Our condolences go out to Japan as well. And we encourage you to give this bentonite a try. It’s not exactly the yummiest stuff on the planet, but if you can down cough syrup or maalox, you certainly should be able to take a dosage of this stuff! Plus, mixing it with stronger flavored juices (like cranberry or cran-grape) will severely lessen what little flavor is there. Some people just prefer to add it to four to eight ounces of water – just so it’s not as thick.

There are a lot of companies out there that sell bentonite, but, from what we know, the liquid form is better than the powdered forms. We don’t know who all sells the liquid form, but we know you can find it at local health food stores under a brand called Sonne’s. It is also available online through various retailers under the brandname Vit-Ra-Tox (pronounced vi-tra-tox). The Vit-Ra-Tox brand is pictured above as the product the article referred to as Detoxificant, along with the other product the article mentioned, Calphonite.

If you, or someone you know, has used products such as these previously, feel free to comment about your experiences and discuss the material here below. And, don’t forget to rate this article!

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