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It seems like people are always looking for advice. We want to know how to make our air cleaner, our vegetables last longer in the refrigerator, our hair shinier, why someone we know does something we can’t stand…the list is limitless. Well, in response to this, we are putting together some tips for you to browse through! Of course, we also strongly encourage you to share your tips with us too – and if you have a cool enough idea, it just might end up getting featured on our site!

First of all, everyone and their mother is trying to give advice today. Because of this, people tend to lean towards going to more professional sounding persons to get their questions answered. Understandable. Nobody wants to find out they’ve been duped by some quack who has no idea what he or she is talking about. This would bring us to tip number one.

Tip #1 – Educate yourself! Find good books and articles by trusty authors and read up on stuff yourself before going to anyone – professional or not!

How do you figure out whom to trust in the author department? Well, we have some authors we will recommend periodically, but the best thing to do is look for someone that makes sense. Usually the more simplistic the concepts, the more down to Earth and realistic the information is. Taking this measuring stick along with you whenever looking up information, will prove useful in practically all areas from daily health to cutting your personal expenses in your budget.

On this site, we primarily focus on health-related tips – whether physical, edible, environmental, or educational. That being said, if you have found little tricks or ways to do things that you think more people should know about – and you’re tired of sharing them with your mom and next door neighbor, let us know! Feel free to submit some of your ideas, and if it’s something we think is totally awesome and have never heard of before, your idea could end up featured on our site! Now, wouldn’t that be cool? – We think so!

Also, we encourage you to join our site (it’s absolutely free) and partake in our site polls, rate our featured articles and information, and rate or comment on what other people have to say. Either way, we’d like to leave you with tip number two.

Tip #2 – Think positive – and have a great day!